HCP IC Series

ปั๊มจุ่ม HCP IC Series

ปั๊มจุ่ม ปั๊มแช่ หรือปั๊มสูบน้ำเสีย HCP รุ่น IC Series สินค้ามีคุณภาพ แข็งแรง ทนทาน


ปั๊มจุ่ม ปั๊มแช่ หรือปั๊มสูบน้ำเสีย HCP รุ่น IC Series


Top discharge design ensures that the motor is sufficiently cooled whilst in operation.
Fitted with a bronze impeller for seawater pumping.
Used to transfer water free from solids.

  • The range includes 1.1kW up to and including 3.7 kW pumps. They are available in single phase 240 Volt and three phase 400 and 550 Volt
  • Pumps feature a double; back-to-back mechanical seal (Inner = Carbon vs. Ceramic, Outer = Silicone carbide vs. Silicone carbide) The seal is located in the oil housing and runs independently from the pumped product. It is thus not dependent on product for cooling or lubrication
  • All HCP pumps are fitted with a motor protector “auto cut” thermal device. The auto-cut protector is a mechanical thermal switch that cuts power to the electric motor in the event of a power surge, lock rotor, phase failure and overloading. The switch automatically restarts the motor once the temperature inside the motor drops to 60-70°C
  • The bronze impeller and stainless steel construction makes these pumps suitable for seawater pumping applications.


ModelMotorBorePoleHeadCapacitySolid Passage
 IC – 2151.52213.50.23.5
 IC – 32A23290.58
 IC – 33A33212.50.58
 IC – 43A342100.711


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